Finding Your Truth

Today I had lunch with my 18 year old son. As we were eating he said, “dad, I think I know what my purpose on earth is.” I asked him what, and he shared it with me. In that moment I recalled my own childhood and thought how imperative it is/was to know why you’re on the earth.

As a kid I remember spending countless hours thinking about the world, life and how it all worked. I watched people, how they interacted with one another and often wondered how the world spun around and around. I asked lots of questions, often to the dismay of my parents, because the answers seldom satisfied my query. I was a curious kid, inquisitive, full of wonder and often on some type of quest or mission. I’m not certain what I was looking for then, but later in life I would discover that this mission would become a driving force in my quest for truth.

A truth that is not bound by religion, man-made laws or limiting ideas, but something much greater, even grand. It’s beyond our ability to feel and touch with our hands. It’s even beyond what we can see with our eyes, and understand with our minds. It lies deep within us, and calls our name daily, yet not many will hear, (or choose to listen) due to the noise that encompasses so many of our lives.

Noise (equalling distractions) that hinder our ability to connect with what lies beyond our fears, lack of understanding and misconceptions. It’s like, when we were children we had no limits. We could believe in anything and equally believe that we could do anything. There were no limits on our abilities and rules were only “things” that were meant to be broken or challenged at minimum. It wasn’t about political correctness or settling for being wrong or right, but truly recognizing the potential that existed within was tangible, possible and meant to be realized. And the quest was to figure out how to get there.

Unfortunately so, so many will never tap into this. They will only be satisfied with what they see, feel and hear. Nothing else will hold valuable meaning, except for what’s in front of them, therefore they will limit their own potential and become numb to what life is really about. For me it’s about an endless journey that defies age, space and time. A journey full of adventure, new beginnings and new discoveries that allows the compass of peace, which resides within our spirit to guide us towards what is best.

So knowing the “best” is the tricky part, because it will vary from person to person, therefore it can’t be judged by someone else, And another can’t even tell you if yours is true for you or not, but as you journey through life it will become clear, and you will know without doubt. For many this will happen many times throughout life, while for others perhaps only once, but the important thing is it does.

The beginning is when you start to understand there is more to your life than what you first thought, or even what you were first taught. You are an evolving and transforming spirit that can change the world. When one can finally see, feel and hear beyond what is only in front of them, that person(s) world changes. They will dare to challenge what exist and encourage others to do the same.

Finding your truth is a journey, and it will always bring peace to your life. It will resonate with every part of your soul, and feel like a good and trusted friend. It’s not necessarily about happy endings, but it is about freedom, which truth will always provide.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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