About USOD

What does life look like when we choose to truly live, even after enduring severe loss, insurmountable pain, extreme disappointment or when we become simply tired of the same perpetual starts and stops that lead to emptiness? Let’s discover it here, together… I will not apologize for any topics discussed here.

At times the words may seem insensitive, but I can promise you they come from a place of love and truth. Often the rawness of our pain creeps through the veneer of our illusion of being whole. Until we become aware of this we continue to lie to ourselves and others about where we truly are with regards to the emotional pain we have faced in our lives, therefore we remain down. I will solicit the help of my favorite music, poetry, photography and even some great quotes to express a thought or idea more profoundly. I grew up listening to all types of music so to remove that from this platform wouldn’t be authentic for me. Some of my best and worst moments connect with a song. How about you? Living the upside of down is living your life journey without shame, guilt or fear. Welcome…

Keep Pressing,

Hank G