Don’t Worry, Tomorrow the Sun Will Rise Again

“This is the part where you find out who you are.” – Unknown

How many times have you blown it? A relationship, a work project or missed an important event for your kid? Like you, I hate it, felt bad about it, and wished it never happened, but it did. It’s called life and everyday around the world it happens to people with the best intentions.

Intentions that come from the heart and from the very soul of our being, but sometimes even with that, we fall short, we miss it, we fail.

Thankfully, life is not over for those that present the best (involuntary) version of their human side. Somehow, if we get through it, we pick up some invaluable tools. Tools that enable us to re-craft our lives, reshape how we think about ourselves and the choices we make next, whether they worked for our good or hindered us.

It’s called living, and none of us are immune to it. The circumstances can hurt like hell, leaving us curled up like 3-year olds on the floors of our kitchens. But with time, good counsel and the ability to forgive ourselves and others, we can rebuild and start again. This time with wisdom and the scars to remind us of who we are, where we’ve been and where we desire to be.

The most important aspect about failure is to recognize it really is a temporary status. No matter how bad it feels, who you hurt or who hurt you, the sun will indeed rise again. What matters is, will be ready for the new day? Sometimes night (the darkness) seemingly last longer than we intended to. It attempts to hold on to us and remind us of our past. The bad deeds, wrong doings, let downs and things that simply broke us.

I regularly remind myself that I am not my past. Not to say I don’t own it or take responsibility for my actions, but they don’t define me. They will if I allow them to, or listen to what others may say about me, but I don’t.

Each day is a new day. An opportunity to reset and make things better. What can you make better in your life or someone else’s? You have the power. You just need to believe that you do. The sun will rise again. What will you do with your new day, your power?

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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