Starting a New Chapter

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” – Lao Tzu

I remember over four years ago, I sat with several of the most important people in my life to launch this blog. In many ways I was still hurting from my second divorce, definitely not fully confident about what was next for me, but I knew it was time to press ahead with my life.

Writing has always been my go to, to sort my thoughts, reflect on my heart and counsel my soul. I knew that I needed a way too sit still and listen to the words pounding deep within my spirit.

So many distractions around me. Ones that I hadn’t realized how much they impacted me. Some things I thought I had mastered or conquered, but during that time I knew I hadn’t yet. Only in my head was I winning, while things were truly falling a part around me.

But suddenly, those things that held me captive for years, I was coming to terms with. I was willing to acknowledge the pain that was created by attempt to circumvent the pain. I was tired of lying to myself about who I was. I wanted a better life. One based on truth, my truth, my story.

So I sat, every Sunday evening (for the most part) and wrote. I expressed what can occur after we face and acknowledge our pain, how we rebuild after suffering devastation and what life can look like on the upside of down.

I took a chance on my own suffering. A chance that not only was I not alone, but many people were waiting to identify with my story, my life. So I took a leap of faith and put it all out there. The good, the bad and the ugly. Every story didn’t have a happy ending, but there was always a lesson to be learned. A lesson designed to bring hope and light into the dark places of our lives.

I still believe there are many lessons to be learned. Some through me and many more by others in my circle. That said, I remain open, pliable and intently aware of the environment I live in today.

Life has changed for me in many ways, and in many ways it remains the same. I found love again, and again lost it. And there are many things I could expound on now, but I won’t. I just know that life changes everything, and I’m learning to embrace all that it is and more, and also remain grateful for what I learned and experienced along the way.

When it’s time to turn the pages of our lives, it’s probably never easy, but when it’s time – there is no other option, but to do it.

As I reflect right now on the last four years of my life, I know I have been enriched by caring feedback, honest words of encouragement and the prayers of many. You know who you are and I am thankful for your hearts.

Just as I knew there was a time to create this blog, I realize today I am turning a chapter and something else is awaiting me. My career, family dynamics and love life are changing simultaneously. I am no longer sad, but I look forward to new beginnings filled with hope, love and peace.

That said, I will begin the steps to close this blog down as I prepare for the next steps in my life, which will include a new blog, a book and a podcast. I am excited about what happens next and I believe I am in perfect step with God’s timing.

I solicit your continued prayers and good thoughts. As I close out, I will write an occasional update post, and post older articles until the end of the year.

Thank you again for taking the time to follow me on this journey, whether it has been for the last four years or last two weeks, I am grateful for you. Remember, your story matters. You are you for a reason and the world needs “you”.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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