The Music

So if you notice nothing else, please notice “The Music”. I cannot tell you how many times my life has been significantly impacted by words combined with a soothing melody. I cannot completely explain it nor do I feel as if I need to, but music undoubtedly brings us to “a place”. A place that transcends the present dismay or confusion we may find ourselves in, or it also has the uncanny ability to make a sad moment unbearable, so be careful what you listen to and when. If we can learn the art of being still and hear, I mean truly hear that small voice inside we may find the answers within ourselves.

Each song that becomes a part of this site has been carefully selected by me. Please take the time to listen, hear and enjoy. A melody in your heart can make you dance, inside. I will change the music every few weeks to reflect the current postings. Let me know if there is something that you really enjoy or if there is song you would like me to post.

You can also find “The Music” linked to my YouTube page – entitled, “Reflective Music” and find more of my favorites there.

Hank G