Author: Hank

Twice-divorced, single father of 3. I love to write, share ideas and listen to people. I'm transparent to a fault and love to learn through authentic and intimate conversation. I'm no stranger to pain and loss, but through the struggle I have learned a great deal about me and what's truly important. That is to love fearlessly and to be loved in return in a meaningful way. I love good music and how it takes me to a place... Life is good.

What are you excited about these days ?  What’s making you dance and sing in the car ?  I have many things to be thankful for, but I must admit the anticipation of launching this site makes me smile inside.  Not sure exactly what it is, well maybe I do.  When your life meets a part of the destiny that you are supposed to live you can’t help but dance and sing.

Enjoy the song!


Hank G


What causes you to get still, I mean really quiet within yourself ?  So many of us are afraid to hear what’s inside.  I dare you to listen to yourself in silence.  What will you discover ?  What will you hear in the silence ?  Perhaps an answer lies in the distance.  As we get closer to the launch date, this is a taste of what this site will be about.


Hank G


What’s your favorite song these days and why?  How do the words and melody impact your thoughts ?  Some of the best advice that I ever received was to keep a song in my heart.  It has a way of becoming a muffler to the noise that surrounds your life.  Hope you enjoy.  Remember, just 3 more weeks for this site to be fully live.

Keep Pressing,

Hank  G


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