A Stage to Remember

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments” – Cesare Pavese




So here I am sitting on my bed in New Orleans, Louisiana better known as Nawlings to the locals, writing my weekly post.  It has been a long day or at least an early one of travel.  We (Niala and I) were out the door at 4:50am this morning heading to the airport for a 6:30am flight out of Oakland, CA., with Xavier University in our focus. We have about one week to make a decision about college and I think this is the one, but of course Niala must be in agreement.  So once we arrived around 2:30pm CDT, we checked in and immediately hit the streets to eat and check out the scene.  This is my second trip here, but this one will be a different kind of special I’m almost certain.

As our children get older the moments we have together become less frequent and more special, so I intend to make the most of this day and a half with my young adult.  Our first meal, we enjoyed some fresh oysters, gumbo, red beans and rice, just for starters.  We’ll finish it off with Beignets at the famous Cafe Dumond later this evening, but right after our meal we took a stroll down Bourbon Street and saw, well if you know Bourbon Street you know what we saw.  It was a bit of everything in all shades and colors.  A fun time for sure. 🙂




Tomorrow we our scheduled to tour the college campus at 10:00am and see what it has to offer and of course to see how it fits with Nia’s personality and collegiate goals to become a pediatrician.  I am very excited for her and being a part of this stage of her life.  These are the types of moments that make any parent reflect on life and think of the many stages that our children go through.  I’m proud and overjoyed that Nia has worked to afford herself the acceptance of several colleges.  It is truly why we push our children so diligently to remain focused, keep the educational process in the forefront of their minds and to tirelessly work hard towards attaining their goals.

This is an amazing stage to be a part of.  I cannot fathom not being a part of her life or any of the stages of my children’s lives for that matter.  I see it as an honor, privilege and duty as a father.  Those that miss out truly miss a moment in history that can never be recaptured, recreated or experienced again.  Once it ‘s gone, it is gone forever.  Therefore enjoy every stage and every moment as a blessing.  The lives of our children unfolding is like watching a plant grow and eventually bloom.  If we are not there to see it for ourselves, we miss something special, we miss something life altering, we miss the flower blooming at the greatest of moments. 

As I sit here on the bed writing, I’m watching Nia work on homework for school.  This is what she does and this is why she is where she is.  If I sound like a proud father, you are correct.  I am that guy and will say it loud!  




Please do not miss your moments, for each one will carve out a type of tapestry in your history and theirs and when they complete the mission, you will be remembered for simply being there during the stage.


Keep Pressing,

Hank G



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