Blocking Out the Noise

“The less I needed, the better I felt.” – Bukowski

Life is full life distractions. Well intentioned people that need our time, special family situations, that take us away from our everyday lives, demanding careers, that require our best, and just stuff we need to find time to do.

It’s a wonder that we can get anything done, but somehow we find a way. A way to make things happen and get tasks accomplished.

Life is often hard, complex and full of adventure and unknowns. However, we keep rolling, doing what we do to keep the balls in the air. It’s how we do life, done life and for most, will continue to do life, but what happens when that gets to be too much?

How we do learn to manage our lives in such a way that keeps us focused on what’s truly important? The noise can be overwhelming and drown out our best intentions if we allow it to. Noise, better known as distractions have a way of competing with our best time. Time when we think deeply about our future, our next steps after a major break up, or how we want our lives to look in the next five years.

Sometimes people can equally become noise. Well intentioned, but distractions nonetheless. They desire to help, give advice and share their own life experiences that possibly relate to what we’re currently facing, but sometimes they fail to know when to pause, give you space or wait to hear what you have to say before offering an unsolicited opinion. Sound familiar?

Not to say I’m not grateful for the few friends I do have, and honestly I’m not speaking of them, but for those that do, it’s time to speak up and declare where the the line is. It’s time to isolate the noise.

If we don’t, we’re forever blinded by the things we fail to see, only due to our own ignorance and poor judgment, which in many cases equates to being distracted.

So find some quiet time for yourself. Take a drive. Go to the beach and listen to the waves. Be with yourself and learn to be comfortable with you, unapologetically. It matters, because you matter.

Distractions will undoubtedly exist for the remainder of our lives, but how we manage them can change, and change for the better. Learn how to filter what comes at you and consumes your precious time, because we only have so much of it.

Understand that your legacy depends on it, and what you have to give derives from what you have acquired. And what you have acquired ties directly to what you spent your time doing the most. If it’s noise, than that’s what you’ll give others.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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