Blurry Vision

“Have a vision.  It is the ability to see the invisible.  If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”  – Shiv Khera



After years of doctor’s visits and receiving consistent reports of perfect vision, I have finally reached a new (sad) milestone.  One that is probably inevitable for most people, but disappointing for me nonetheless.  I have been fitted with my first pair of reading glasses.  I realize this is no big deal, but for someone who prided himself on having 20-15 vision for as long as I can remember, I was in disbelief when my eye doctor of approximately fifteen years broke the news with, “Henry, you’re not seeing as well as you claim to be.  I think it’s time that you invest in a good pair of reading glasses.”  I was like, “whatcha talking about doc?!”  So after my short debate with him, I surrendered to the idea that he was right.  In my mind I could see just fine, but in his professional opinion, along with the help of some very expensive eye equipment, he explained that I was indeed straining when looking at objects up close.  And if I continued down this path without correction it could lead to headaches and other complications.  So after forty-seven years my vision has finally changed, and the interesting thing is I couldn’t even tell.  As far as I was concerned I could see just fine and was anticipating my usual exemplary report to gloat on for a few weeks.  Funny how things change.

Being the deep thinker that I am, I begin to ponder on how our vision impacts our lives.  Not just in the physical sense with our natural eyes, but in a very literal sense with how we view the world and how we view ourselves in it.  Do you ever pause and ask yourself how people can look at a similar image and see totally different things?  Or why discovering the purpose for your life can be so difficult to achieve?  Without some sense of purpose or vision for our lives we could easily find ourselves consistently making poor choices regarding our finances, relationships, careers and educational endeavors, just to name a few.  It’s similar to needing glasses and refusing to fill the prescription.  So the what are the consequences of blurry vision untreated?  The results can range from very minor to catastrophically life changing.

So let’s look at the word vision for a minute.  


I once read that a vision is like a snapshot of your preferred future.  


It should be like a long-term goal that you strive to reach.  Something very attainable, but not necessarily a goal you can reach by tomorrow.  It should cast an image of what you are, what you are not and what you expect to become.  Ultimately it will define you and set you a part from others.  A vision can also become like a roadmap of where you are going for the rest of your life.  You can know exactly where you’re headed, the tools required to get there and what it looks like when you become misdirected.  When selecting a career, a vision will help you determine what college to attend, which job offer to take or how long you should remain at a specific company performing a certain role before moving on.  When seeking a life partner, a vision about what you want your relationship to exemplify will determine where you look for him or her.  It will help you to confirm if there is potential, or not and if you’re really keen with it, a vision will even allow you to identify the flaws that you bring to a relationship.  Obviously it can’t fix you, but if you are serious about achieving the ultimate goal, you will do the work in order to arrive at the preferred destination.  Bottom line,  the “big picture” is always in your line of sight.  Anything or anyone that stands in the way of your goal will quickly be identified as a liability.  Can you really imagine living life without a vision?  I mean like for everything?  

We have all been there at various times in our lives for various reasons, and on occasion we will need a check up.  Just as I needed to accept that my eyesight was becoming blurred, we all need to accept that realignment will need to occur every once in a while.  If we fail to adjust or re-tune the vision, we risk getting off track.  As a Christian I reference a scripture in Psalm 119:105, that states (KJV), “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  In other words I believe the Bible can show me where I am and where I am going.  I trust this and use it daily as my guide.  And yes I have missed it, and at times even ignored it, but I have also suffered the consequences for not adhering.  However what is equally great are the lessons.  The lessons that I am now able to pass down to my children and anyone that chooses to read my blog.  All because I had a vision. Something more than what I am today or tomorrow and when I fail, I know that I have opportunity for growth because the overall mission has not been fulfilled yet, and I am committed to getting there.

So if you ever find yourself at the eye doctor and your vision has changed, to the point that you need glasses or perhaps a stronger prescription, don’t get sad.  Recognize that it is simply time for a realignment (time for change), because you still have much to accomplish and ultimately you will not arrive at your preferred destination with blurry vision.




Keep Pressing,

Hank G




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