Breaking the Limits We Place on Ourselves

“My head may be in the clouds, but the sky is no longer my limit!” -Unknown 

I recently spoke to a friend about how we allow others to place limits on us. They’re not the typical limitations that tend to derive from blatant jealousy. They are more subtle, and probably reside in the area of hidden insecurities. However they still impact us greatly and the ideas or notions tend to keep us at night and often have us wondering if we’re on the right path or not. 

These ideas typically derive from people we care about, like spouses, parents, close relatives and friends. But nonetheless, they can equally come across as strangers attempting to disrupt our well orchestrated plans to become successful, fruitful and focused. They often seem like strangers because we wonder,” if they really cared about us and what we’re attempting to accomplish, why the hell are we here with them now contemplating these issues?”

This question, when left to ponder the answers, can leave us confused, distracted and even discouraged. However, I’m learning there is a way to overcome the impact of outside voices, opinions and seemingly great intentions that aren’t meant to serve us well. 

Here are a few things I have l learned:

  1. Spend time knowing what’s important to you – When we really know what’s important to us and why, outside voices and opinions usually fail to penetrate our confidence and established goals. 
  2. Recognize who is for you and who is not – My infamous saying, “everyone doesn’t love you” is true. The wolf dressed as your friend is still a wolf. The moment you begin to accept this as a fact, is the moment you can begin to spend more time focusing on your goals, versus fighting and debating with someone who simply doesn’t agree with what you’re trying to accomplish and how you plan to pull it off.
  3. Your passion much match your effort – It’s one thing to talk about what you want and another to put in the work to make it happen. I’m a firm believer in allowing your actions clearly speaking the mission. That said, we must be about the work. We must be about the due diligence required to push our goals into fruition. 

This list could obviously go on and I am sure you can add to it, so feel free to do just that. But my goal for this post is for us to see how we first stop ourselves. Limits confine us to be regular, and prevents us to see the greater potential that lies within. 

As each of us has our own unique fingerprint, we equally have our own way to impact our world, families and communities. However if we allow our voices to be silenced, swayed or diluted we fail to bring that essence required for authentic change or impact.

So as you continue to fight the good fight, keep in mind the importance of “your” impact. Your voice matters, and at the end of the day, no one can truly stop us except ourselves. You are that powerful and essential to making what exists, better.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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