Free Your Mind

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Unknown 


Have you ever thought about what a trapped mind looks like?  Well imagine anything that does not have the ability to move about freely in its surroundings or environment.  Sort of like being in a cage I suppose, bound only to what it can see or possibly touch.  Either way it is a life that is lived with limitations and restrictions.

So it is with our mind.  Everyday there are millions of people walking along in life, living beneath their God-given potential and capabilities.  And as much as we have heard (or said in some cases) that ignorance is bliss, it is most certainly not, especially in this case.  In other words that new common saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, can be harmful when it comes to the capacity in how we choose to live our lives.  

So what about that potential we are all born with, but may never have the opportunity to tap into for various reasons?  How does that happen and why does it?  In many cases it is a divide of ethnicity, education and sheer accessibility to people and things that have the ability to broaden how we think about ourselves, our communities and the world in which live in. 

There are obviously many extraneous factors and deep layers that contribute to our minds becoming numb, dull and lacking the ability to see past our current status, however I will never be satisfied with simple and one-dimensional answers, like certain groups or classes of people simply cannot learn, lead or see past their own history.  But what saddens me is if we simply do nothing and accept this as a way of thinking we will inherit patterns for ourselves, as many already have and continue to do everyday.

So how often do you challenge yourself or someone else to stretch past the comfort zones in which they currently live under?  How many times per week do you reflect on your life and see yourself doing more or going beyond what you could imagine?  How often do read?  Yes, it may seem far-fetched or sound like a crazy concept, but I dare you to try it or encourage someone else to as well.  How about a child? (Perhaps  your own)

Our words can become the keys or locks to someone’s enlightenment.  They (our words) are that powerful, because we will only strive for what we can ultimately see in with our mind’s eye.  And if we can expand the horizons of that outlook to a potential that goes beyond our family history, existing communities and neighborhoods, or what is portrayed on social media, we will inevitably help to set some minds free.  Imagine that.

We will never live past what we cannot first authentically accept for ourselves.  So if you are trying to encourage a group of young people to believe beyond their current circumstances or challenge young adults that their limitations only exist in their minds, you must first begin to live that way yourself, regardless of your age. Even when it is difficult, our decision to press through the doubt and unbelief will not only solidify our hope and determination, but it will inevitably open doors.  Not just the doors of physical opportunities, but the intangible ones that live in our minds.  You know, the ones that come in the forms of hopes, dreams and desires.

Start freeing your mind today.  Let nothing limit you or discourage you.  Divorce, lack of education, family dynamics, fear and lack of confidence are only opportunities.  It all depends on your perspective and willingness to believe that there is more outside the confines of what you already claim to know and understand. 


Keep Pressing,

Hank G


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