I’m Thinking About Tomorrow

“Let today be the day you learn the grace of letting go and the power of moving on.” – Steve Maroboli 

It has been said on many forums that professional athletes have to develop a key habit in order to maintain success. It’s a habit that could get a lot of married folks and those in any type of intimate relationship in deep trouble. But when applied in the right situation it will ultimately allow the practicer to press ahead in life despite the circumstances they might be facing.

It could be looked upon as an art even. Mastering the way one navigates through complex and difficult times, or how one might effectively diffuse the noise that exist around them, while simultaneously making progress with the challenges they face.

Whatever the case or the circumstance, learning the art of forgetting what occurred on yesterday may indeed save you from tremendous pain and suffering that under normal scenarios could cause undue stress, anxiousness and worry. 

I don’t know about you, but it was only in the last couple of years that I have begun to practice this art, or so called way of life.  I suppose it was due to self preservation, a bit of common sense all intertwined with a desire to lessen the pain I was feeling from others. Sometimes it came in the form of accusations, other times in unsolicited opinions, but seldom with the intent to promote or build me up.

So I had to consider what a professional athlete does when they step on to the playing field with the best intentions of winning a game, but fail. They miss the shot, drop the ball or fail to execute on a play. All of it stings no matter who they are or how long they have been playing. 

In the midst of the moment most would rather go and find a cave to hide in, versus face the media or real life. However that is not the luxury afforded to most when missing the mark. Typically, like an athlete we are forced to deal with the circumstances that we have created. The critical piece is how we choose to respond to it. After watching the film, you head back and try again, hopefully with better clarity and wisdom.

Not only is it important how we choose to respond, but it is equally imperative that we learn to not hold ourselves hostage on what occurred. So many of us (me included) have skillfully held ourselves captive to the past. To the point that we have crafted a web of illusive doors designed only to keep us trapped, so we can relive the moment(s) over and over again.  As we choose to live guilt-ridden and bound by the things we did in the past, we perpetually rob ourselves of a wonderful and bright future.

With the right type of intervention, a future filled with opportunity, healing, love, compassion, empathy, gratitude and an infectious richness is possible, that will compel your world to hear you and see you. So much so, that they wonder how you were able to recover. Perhaps you share the secret with them or perhaps you simply tell them you already forgot about it. 

Regardless of your response, let’s become more like those athletes that can literally blow a game, and come back the next day like it never happened. Like they’re only considering tomorrow, because “today” is now over.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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