Redefining Who You Are

Whether your thirty-something, fifty-something or already in your seventies, it’s never too late to start over, reinvent yourself or begin a new chapter of your life.

The days of what old looks like has certainly changed since I was a kid, so the excuse to stop living your best life simply because you’re getting older is just that, an excuse.

Look around, you see grandmothers and grandfathers running marathons, modeling and hitting the gym like they have something to live for, because they do.

So after hitting the great milestone age of fifty last year, I’m certainly encouraged to do just that, live with new intentions, a refreshed sense of purpose and without apology.

For me, the key phrase is “without apology”, because for most of my life I have spent much of my time taking care of others. Not necessarily begrudgingly, but certainly without much consideration of how it would impact my life.

Turning fifty opened my eyes in different ways. First, like so many others, I’m fifty dammit! A half a century old, so something must change, don’t you think? Not simply because of a number, but more importantly due to what has occurred to arrive at that number.

This includes heartache, divorces, and disappointment, but thankfully it didn’t stop there. It also included spiritual growth, transformative living, enduring inspirational moments, hope, empathy, forgiveness and a relentless pursuit for happiness. A thing (happiness) I never felt had much relevance.

Now I see life differently. I’m viewing it through lenses that inspire, renounces guilt and embraces the best of even a bad situation. And the best part is I’m okay with the outcomes, whether they’re in my favor or not. This means a great deal, because once upon a time I found every way to talk myself out of what I thought was a bad situation. Now I see them as opportunities.

Guilt, doubt and other self-inflicted distractions easily found their way into my psyche. I was consistently my own worst enemy, no help required. Sound familiar?

Today I’m acknowledging my growth, recognizing when I’m okay and when I’m not, being still when I use to rush for answers, and learning to quiet the noise that typically shook my peace of mind.

I’m far from mastering any of these things, but I’m certainly not where I use to be. I’m fifty, a man, learning to live for something greater than myself. A life with purpose, direction and a hope that’s redefining what everything else will look like in my future. How about you?

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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