Remembering What is Sacred in Your Life?

“Life must have its sacred moments and its holy places. We need the infinite, the limitless, the uttermost – all that can give the heart a deep and strenthening peace. – A. Powell Davies

This weekend I was reminded of something I probably take for granted, seldom make time to reflect on or truly recognize the supreme importance of enough. That is, knowing what is sacred to me.  Well, not simply knowing it from a manufactured recall perspective, but practicing it and experiencing it so that my life can remain full, balanced and purposeful. 

Idle busyness is the enemy of reflection. The more we find meaningless “things” to occupy our minds, the more we become removed from our place of center. That place where our best ideas are birthed and discovered. That place where our thoughts reach the heavens and foster a burning desire within us to do something great, something meaningful, something more or something that makes a difference in the lives of others. 

Too often we become dulled by the mundane, the normal and everyday stuff. This stuff has a way of crowding out our best intentions to take that walk, exercise, write that book, journal or have a long overdue heart to heart talk with someone. We find excuses that typically seem legitimate at the time, however if we took the time to reveal the source of these idle things, we would probably find a common thread. A thread that points to moments that brought no real value to our lives, whether that was time spent with others or things we did alone.

There is no question that life is busy and technology has actually not made that easier, but more complex. Should I answer that text or email now or later? Is it that critical right now? Often times it’s not, however we’re all guilty of falling into that trap of quick responses and staying in the loop with groups, family, colleagues, besties, etc. 

So is the solution to go live in a cave and become one with our immediate surroundings? I think not, plus I still like my stuff and the comforts they bring, however I cannot afford to allow the conveniences and luxuries of life to dictate my happiness. They certainly have and will if I allow them to.

Like with everything, there must be balance. There is a time to indulge, and then a time to apply discipline. A time to run as hard and as fast as we can, then a time to rest. The art is in the knowing. The knowing when and the frequency. This is the struggle. 

One of my sacred things is meaningful conversations. Sitting back and sharing a moment with someone important to me, or perhaps even a stranger that chooses to become vulnerable for whatever reason. In those moments of connecting, I find myself being filled with life, purpose, joy and meaning, whether I’m listening or the one talking. 

I probably do this at least once a week or more, but this weekend I was reminded it’s not just the conversation, but the fact that it’s something sacred for me. It’s what keeps me centered and doing life with the best intentions and purpose. It’s one of those things that makes life worth living for me. 

What do you hold sacred? What’s that driving force in your life that’s brings you closer to God. It’s important that we not only remain aware of it, but that we practice it and experience it so we can continue to be at our best, and give our best to the world.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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