What About Tomorrow?


“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” – Unknown


The holiday season has always been a wonderful time of celebration.  A time for coming together with loved ones, bonding with old friends and possibly even making some new ones.  Many people tend to be happy, joyous and grateful for what they have.  For some there are new opportunities that lie ahead, while others are simply hopeful for prayers being answered as we enter the incoming new year.  There is an undeniable excitement in the air that smells like the anticipation of what dreams, what prayers and what goals will come into fruition as we begin another year.  I feel it, you feel it, heck we all carry a little anxiety about what lies ahead for us tomorrow.

Many of the best minds in the world have told us not to worry about tomorrow since we cannot change what will inevitably be.  I cannot say that I necessarily disagree with this advice or whole heartedly agree with it either, however if this feeling (which is often labeled as anxiety) is being used to fuel the fire for the passion essential to press harder towards a goal, build the bridges that make seemingly impossible roads accessible, fill the gaps that once kept you at bay from your best, prevented you from accomplishing something you have always desired or if it keeps you up at night working the ultimate plan that brings you closer to the place you desire to be, I say let it be.  

In the infamous words, “Go hard or die trying”,  What else is there and why else do you exist?  I can assure you that it is not to take up space and live life going through the motions.  

So often we will resort to unnecessary therapy, pharmaceuticals, listening to friends that almost certainly assure us that we are crazy, or give into the idea that something is wrong with us simply because we fail to fit into the status quo, become politically correct or become less popular.  Now do not get me wrong, I totally support therapy and medication when they are truly required, and the words of a rationale friend can be like gold,  but there are also times when we all must take ownership and responsibility for who we are, what we are and make it work for us unapologetically.  The key is to know when it is that time. 

Don’t lose tomorrow by living in yesterday.


Each one of us has a purpose and there is absolutely nothing like crossing paths with someone who has discovered theirs.  It is like a burst of air to a sunken sail or a cool glass of water to a parched mouth.  They meet needs, fill voids and inspire the world to be better.  Better in a way that seems attainable, realistic and possible.  Have us all thinking, “I can do this, starting right now!”  Ever encountered someone like that?  Who’s to say you are him or her yourself? 

So, who are you and what are you waiting for?  Do you need permission to live your life?  Are you waiting for someone to affirm you or give you license to step out?  What if that never happens?  Will your life be over?  Will you remain hidden in the shadows of someone else’s dominance?  Oh no, not you!  Not us!  We were created by God for nothing short of greatness, but we must also recognize that greatness does not come to those that simply want it really, really, really bad, it comes to those that chose to live differently, those that chose to live outside status quo thinking, those that no longer desire to fit in with the masses, and ultimately to those that first believe that they can attain what they see in their hearts and minds. 

If it is to love unashamed, even after a tremendous heartbreak than please do that, because someone in the world desperately needs to see what that looks and feels like.  We have enough hardened people who have given up on the whole plight of finding a life partner, or forgiving someone who did that them wrong.  So go with your forgiving heart and display to the world with action, what real love looks like.  And when someone ridicules you, stand proud and share your story like metal of honor. 

Only you know what that “it” is for yourself.  Even if you think you do not know, just take some time and get quiet and it will come to you.  And remember, where you start your journey is not where you will finishing it, however we all must begin somewhere.  

So what about tomorrow?  It is what we have to hope for, it is the hope for the promise that there is yet still more to come, and the belief that our lives are not over, no matter how difficult or hopeless things seem to be.  The ultimate failure is giving up, for then we cease to acknowledge our tomorrows.  All we see is today and the possibility of hopelessness that surrounds it.  Do not settle there.

However this moves you is where it should.  Lay out your plan.  Begin to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Realize that you are like no one else, therefore your plan is equally unique and essential to making the world better.  Without you something is missing to the overall puzzle of life.  Believe that with all your being and begin to act today like tomorrow matters, because it certainly does with you in it and a part of it. 


Keep Pressing,

Hank G




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