Discovering the Beauty in Your Struggle

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”– Confucius 

I wondered when it would end, the pain and pangs of yesterday’s dispointments and let downs. They always seemed to find a way to remain bigger than the life I was currently living. Reminding me that the struggle was real, filled with actual heart dropping moments, discouraging remnants and vivid distinctions of who and what I use to be. Even with my pursuit for transformation, growth and earnest self-reconciliation, peace still seemed to live in the formidable abyss.

That is until I began to take the advice I shared with so many others in years prior. That advice was to bloom where you were planted. For me, at least during that time, meant to acknowledge where I was and begin to enjoy that life for what it was, despite what it looked like and even what it was.

Sure there was plenty of reminders of the pain I created and felt, but to bloom means to flourish, thrive and develop. So it was time to envision my life through a different set of lenses. Not rose colored lenses, but ones that allowed me to see past my current emotionally bankrupt status.

And so, there began my journey towards a fresh and obtainable newness. A promising hope, a tangible love and a sustaining peace. Nothing specifically had changed as it related to my circumstances, but one important thing did. Me. I begin to see my own life with all its blunders as a better possibility, versus a wasted failure.

I found beauty in my struggle, strength in my imperfection and the upside to my down. It was always right in front of me, as yours is before you. Just depends on our perspective, who we decide to listen to and who (and what) we allow to enter into our thoughts.

The battle lives there and can literally end there, and our ability to see past our collage of failures can not only determine the steps we decide to take next, but how we actually take note of the road those steps live on.

The road can be filled with figurative potholes, paved with images that set you back or lonely like a desolate place in the back country, but a new and better perspective will encourage you to press through the duress and recognize the beauty that exist even in those places.

You have come to far to look back or quit, so continue down the path. Eventually you will see an oasis, a time to reflect, rest and experience the magnitude of discovering the beauty in your struggle.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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