Stay Ready to Learn Something New

”The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.” – T.D. Jakes

Like a body of water flowing down the river, life never ceases to stop. One moment we’re in one place, the next we’re somewhere else. It seems to happen so fast, life that is. Especially as we get older. We begin to analyze the years with days, and truly sense the timeline with a different perspective.

It can either be scary, daunting, exciting or a combination of the three. For me it depends on what I’m doing with my time. If I can look back and reflecct on what I’ve achieved and feel some sense of accomplishment, that’s enough for me. Whether I’m mastering a large endeavor or taking a new small step, what matters to me at this stage of my life is making progress.

Progress that challenges my normal. Progress that takes me out of daily element. Progress that confronts my comfort zone with new ideas and ways of thinking.

I refuse to settle, simply accept life as it is or become so comfortable (with everyday) that I no longer have anything worthy to offer. That would be the beginning of my demise.

Sure it looks different for each of us, as it should, but hopefully not so different that the movement in our lives becomes undetectable, especially to ourselves. Slowing down is a part of getting older, but as we slow down the steps hopefully become more purposeful, lined with wisdom and clarity.

It’s said that we learn more in the first six years of our lives than at any other time. It’s pretty obvious why this is true, with new developing brains being introduced to everything for the first time. However, let’s not allow our age to rob us of our best years, and simply start accepting life for the way it is. We still have much to offer, so don’t place yourself on timeout, reside on the bench of life or fail to give your input on important matters.

What have you purposed to learn new this year? What adventure are you destined to embark on? What new idea has infiltrated your mind that you should carry further? What new book sparked you to change your lifestyle for the better? What is happening new inside of you that you’re still sitting on? Why? Are you happening to life or is it happening to you?

Take this as your wake up call! Get up and start living again. You have stuff to do and the time is now to do it.

As you breath air, there lies your inspiration. Let’s get to it, and allow nothing or no one to stop us.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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