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Happy New Years!


I’ve always loved fresh flowers and for the last five years I have made the decision to purchase them weekly for no special reason.   It always makes me laugh inside when people (predominantly women) ask me who am I trying to apologize to or make-up with.  I would smile and say, “No one, they’re just for me”.  I guess men can’t buy flowers just for themselves?  What’s up with that?  Don’t answer that question, I already know your response.  😉  


They set in my kitchen and brighten up the room, but more importantly they help brighten my attitude as well.  I read somewhere a few years back that its important for people to do simple things for themselves, whether purchasing flowers, gardening, getting a massage, taking pictures, going for a walk or even enrolling yourself in a class.  The goal is to do something for yourself on a regular basis and not to feel guilty about it.   If you’re a “giver” like me,  you can find yourself depleted on a regular basis and wondering why your energy is so low.  The thing is, there is no one to blame for this, but ourselves.  So I made a change.  A change to treat myself, essentially pamper myself periodically, just because I can, and I should.  


How much do you invest in yourself and how often?  Are you waiting for someone else to appreciate you?  Do you realize it may never happen and you may carry pent-up emotions because of it?  Please understand, I’m not dismissing the responsibility a spouse or significant other should have in our lives, but sometimes (regularly) we need to do something special for ourselves.  And the key is to do it guilt-free.


 Fresh Flowers - Kitchen


As we embark on a new year, its tradition that we set new goals and make resolutions.  Most of these goals and resolutions can become acts of compliance by mid year, and simply no longer resonate with our hearts, best intentions or true values.  What will remain true is what’s really important to you.  That one thing must be…OURSELVES!  If you’re not in a good place, spiritually, emotionally and physically, what type of good can you really be to yourself or to others? Not much would be my answer.


That said, as you begin your new 2015, remember one most important thing if you forget all the other stuff.  That is, remember you!  Put “YOU” on the list for 2015 and get some fresh flowers.  You will be glad that you did.


Keep Pressing,

Hank G




7 thoughts on “Fresh Flowers”

  1. LiMetrias Daniels

    As a person who gives of herself it can be exhausting. I have recently learn to take time for myself, and do for me. The simple things like going for a run, reading a book for fun have made an impact in my well being; If I’m not together I can’t be of benefit to my children or clients. Thank you Hank.

    1. Hi LiMetrias,

      I truly understand about giving to the point of exhaustion. Like you, I have learned to take time for myself. It doesn’t have to cost any money, but it certainly brings much value to my life. Thanks for sharing our point of view.


  2. Hi LiMetrias, I am very familiar with giving to the point of exhaustion. Like you I have learned the art of giving to myself now. It doesn’t have to cost me a thing and certainly brings great value to my life. Thank you for sharing your point of view.

  3. Hank G, I appreciate your take on Fresh Flowers and it put me in remembrance of buying flowers for myself and a guy in line asked me, “What did you do?”. After my not understanding him the first time he asked again and then I realized, as you’ve stated, he feels there MUST be a woman involved in my purchase! Yes, a real man can and will buy flowers for himself. I make it a point to “treat me” regularly (and retain my man card) with fragrant baths with candles and smooth jazz. Call it practice for when God allows a wife in my life.

    I also agree that being a giver certainly can deplete you. Doing “giving” things for and to myself aids me in not feeling resentful toward those I’ve helped and keeps me mindful of the fact that I gave with no intent to receive back. Giving is therapeutic! Thank you again.

  4. Corey D, thank you for your comments! I know that I am not alone in this. 🙂 Glad to know you’re taking care of yourself, as we men tend not to and die much earlier than our lovely counterparts. And practice certainly makes perfect for getting ready for a spouse. She will certainly be blessed by your romantic rituals.

    I agree giving is therapeutic!

    Thanks for stopping by the site. Hope to hear from you again.

    Hank G

    1. You’re welcome, and there are many of “us” who attend to ourselves. Thank you for supporting my future marriage!!

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