I Will Never “Not” Need You

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

For a great part of our lives we are taught that only the strongest survive, the ones with the most toys wins and independence is a sign of strength. The rest of us, which comprises only the majority of the world, just need to figure it out.

Of course figuring it out is not that simple, rarely effectively occurs and tends to propel that majority into a state of duress and habitual self-doubt.

“Why can’t I seem to get ahead?”, one may ask. It must be me, my upbringing, my parents or where I was raised. So many options to choose from. So many things to consider that come in the form of obstacles. But ultimately it comes in the form of reasons that I am simply not good enough.

Therefore I perpetuate the ideas that run through my mind. I blame the so—called invincible ones that seem to have life figured out. I read read books, take classes, go to counseling and yes, try harder. Yet I still seem to remain in the same place.

Perhaps you have been there before, or are going through something similar right now. If so, not only can I can relate, but I found some effective ways to address the thoughts that cloud are brains with negativity during times like these. And truly one that trumps them all.

I’m a firm believer that no man is an island. Our ability to accomplish anything truly worthy requires a team of thought and action. We each have a role, like a position on a baseball team. We never fully understand the importance of a position until the ball goes there and no is there to intercept it.

By nature I’m a loner as many men in my family are. I do enjoy being around people like anyone else, but if I had my choice I would rather remain alone. However, I have also learned that as much as this is an individual preference, it also comes with a price. A price that stifles growth, opportunity and progress.

Sure we can always get things done on our own, but it usually takes longer and may not be as effective or worthy at the end of the day. So as for me, I choose to support and receive support, especially in times of dire need. The days of walking it alone, or attempting to figure it out by myself have proven to not be my best moves.

Today I choose to be a part of a collective effort. One that chooses to become vulnerable and transparent, all while remaining accountable to the greater team. My choice to remain aloof and alone are no longer an option, because in my own head I make poor decisions that lead to the demise of great relationships, successful opportunities and a lifestyle rich in community.

At the end of the day, no matter what we profess as a belief, faith or religion, people will always need people. We need one another to build bridges where we can’t, bounce ideas off of to gain insight or perspective or to simply confirm we’re not crazy.

Lord knows I could have benefitted from this many times over, but it’s never too late to start toady. I’m okay with not being an island. I’m okay with needing others for support at times. I’m okay with being human and saying I need you. How about you?

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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