I Will Never Quit

“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein 

There is one thing for certain that will always be true, and that is, life is unpredictable and change is inevitable.  No matter how much we plan (and plan we should) life happens and things go the way they go at times.  This is not to say we have zero control on the matters of our lives, because I do believe we have some autonomy, but how much, one never knows.  

The truth is we tend to become aware of this fact once things take an unexpected turn.  Sometimes for the better and sometimes not so good, but whichever way things turn out, we can equally stand on a truth or commit to ourselves that we will never quit or give up despite the circumstances or unanticipated outcomes we face. 

For me this is a truth because I first believe in myself enough to realize that when I fall short or plans deviate, life is not over.  So many times I have been faced with this type of circumstance and was forced to stand on what I know is true, or quit.  There was no middle option and I cannot say that I always made the best choices, but even then I was able to learn a new lesson in life. 

One of the greatest lessons I have learned to date is to never give up.  It’s not so much about a thing, other people or a situation I am in, but more importantly on myself.  I will never count myself out no matter what it looks like.

Even after two failed marriages I had the courage to marry again.  Not simply because I do not want to be alone, but because I never gave up on love.  Call me a hopeless romantic (or a glutton for punishment at times), but I know that I was created to love.  This is not to say I enjoy divorce and look forward to another, but I will never give up on the amazing human experience of giving myself to another exclusively and unconditionally.  Call me crazy, but that is who I am. 

Like any effort worthy of its salt, a risk is required.  In this case the risk is not knowing the outcome.  Ultimately I can fail again, (for various reasons) some in my control and some not, but what I have determined is the effort is worthy of the risk.  Love towards another matters that much to me.

How about you?  What “thing” is that important to you?  What will you never give on?  What are you living for and what keeps your juices flowing when life gets tough?  We all need to have that something that drives us internally and makes life worth it, especially when things get hard.

In contrast, what inevitably happens to us when we lose or neglect our ability to believe in something greater than us is we become bitter, callous and we ultimately displace our faith.  The moment that our vision of the future becomes bleak or we become disillusioned, the decisions we make fall inline with that attitude.  

It may take years to recognize (if you ever do) how far you have gone down a path of darkness and hopelessness.  Usually everyone else knows but us when we get to that place.  I have been there and realize how easy it is to become consumed with it, but I am grateful to God and those that have prayed for me during my dark days. 

I am a firm believer that our worst enemy is ourselves.  No one can truly stop us, but us.  So I now understand when I quit on anything, I not only impact others that our close to me,  but I impact my own ability to believe, hope and experience more of the goodness of life.

Therefore, come hell or high water, I will never quit.  I will keep fighting, keep believing and always try again.  What else is there?  I will not allow statistics, media or people to sway me.  I will never quit!


Keep Pressing,

Hank G







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