Never Forget About You!

”Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” – Unknown 


Ever so often we need to take the time to unplug. Get away from what feels and looks like normal and shift into a different gear. A gear, whether higher or lower, (for you) it should feel different and feel better. 

I am a soul that often overthinks, over analyzes and attempts to find the answers before I make a move. Sometimes that works out just fine, when I don’t become overwhelmed with options, while in other times it kicks me in the rear, real hard. 

So I’ve learned over the years that it’s imperative for me to take a planned time out. Not just a vacation or get-away, but a scheduled event that allows me to thoroughly decompress, reconnect with myself, reflect on lingering or unresolved thoughts or plans and digress, just a bit. 

I find these moments as healthy, inspiring and essential for my spirit, mind and body to be at its best. In my recent past, this was never a consideration. My option was to remain “on” at all times and be available to everyone that required my time and attention, regardless of my current state. 

Of course that lifestyle was short-lived when it came to being successful in anything, which I learned the hard way. So at least I can say that I have learned, and now choose to acknowledge when my inner-self is seeking alone time to reset, renew or adjust to my current life conditions. 

This”get-away” can be a trip across the globe or literally across the street. The most important thing is to remove ourselves from the routine, the familiar parts and steps of our everyday lives. Breathe new air. Listen to new music. Take in a new scenic view. And hopefully begin to adjust your perspective on what you see, think, feel and perhaps believe. Nothing has to be off limits. It all depends on you and what you choose to release.

By far, I have not mastered this important aspect of living, but so what. I will continue to reset, reflect and relax as often as I need to. In certain times it will be a profound and perhaps life changing moment, while in others less significant, but nonetheless essential for my peace of mind, healthy life outlook, mental well being and physical vigor. 

It cost me nothing, but an investment to myself. The recognition and value of my time. Time that can transform how I live, think and move about in this world.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G 

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