It’s Never Too Late to Keep Trying

“Everyday is a second chance.” – Unknown 


Lately I’ve been reminded of the quote that states, “Nothing beats a failure like a try.” We teach our children this and even declare it to ourselves when times get tough, but sometimes we honestly want to shove these words down the throats of those telling us this, probably when we need to hear it the most. 

I get it and I’m all about the promotion of positive confessions, good thoughts and words of affirmation. However I’m also about reality, and its relentless harshness, that can bring disdain, frustration and a sense of hopelessness, to even the strong and purposed individuals. And whether we choose to admit it or not, we all travel down the path of apathy from time to time. That place where we question everything and its reality. 

For most of us, thankfully not in the sense that we’re ready to jump off a bridge or do anything extremely crazy, but life is not only hard, but very complex at times. And our abilities to navigate through the complexities can become challenging, especially in the current times we live in.

And before some begin to criticize, I am a man of faith, but many aren’t, or they have lost it. So how do we convey this faith and hope to a dying world, in such a way that it feels like genuine love versus condemnation, authentic hope versus a fantasy, or substantive truth versus a fairytale? We all probably have different answers and I look forward to hearing them all, because our collective ideas will reach further than our individual concepts. 

The main thing for you and I is to never give up. No matter how dark the world becomes, no matter how much hate is professed, no matter how much evil attempts to prevail. It cannot win ultimately, and we must continue to believe, even with mustard see faith. We can never give up and more importantly, we can never stop pursuing our collective thoughts and ideas.

The ideas that propel us and make us who we are. The actions that take us to new places figuratively and literally still have the power to change our world. It’s when we no longer believe things can change is when we truly begin to give in to only what we see, what we read and hear. These are the signs of a dying world.

So with all that is in you, keep believing, keep singing, keep praying and trusting God for a transformed world, but always remember our actions must follow our words, which begin with you and me. Otherwise our words become lost in translation. In other words, noise to the hearers.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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