Remembering What Makes You Smile

“Smile, happy looks good on you” 🙂 – Unknown 

Sometimes in life certain events occur that almost seem like a test. Events that come to challenge our resolve, try our patience and test our will.  And if we’re not careful we can easily become caught up in the moment of “stuff” seemingly being assigned just for us.

Last week my week was just that. Chaotic, very stressful, with a bit of organized confusion added to it.  I found myself in heated discussions, (well really arguments), becoming overly defensive and questioning what the heck I was doing.

To say it lightly, it was not a great week on many accounts, however during the midst of my storm there were a few great things happening simultaneously that I took the time to acknowledge. One, I was able to help facilitate a successful workshop at work, and more importantly I scheduled a vacation with my children for their spring break.

I had no idea how much I would need/want to simply chill with them for the next week.  So off on a plan we went to meet my oldest in New Orleans for her Spring Break.  The trek begin at 3:30am this morning to catch a 6:00am flight.

It’s something how children can bring a smile to your face and help you forget some of the troubles that exist in your world.  And maybe the word forget does not accurately describe what happens, but when I am around them in their element, nothing else seems to matter. I enjoy their space and they enjoy mine. I’m just dad, and that’s pretty cool.

So for my regular readers, I have nothing deep or necessarily profound to say this week. Just remember to smile, and more importantly, take note of what causes you to. Whether its your children or someone else, do that and do it often, because your life is worth it  and smiling is good for the soul.

As for me, I have a week to plan with some of the funnest people on earth.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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