The Lessons That Change Our Lives

Sometimes, you’re reminded of something you’ve heard before, but suddenly, you really ‘get it’. It changes you on the cellular level and begins to inform your thoughts, feelings and actions.” – Deb Purdy

There are certain times in our lives when the internal struggles we face  become undeniably real. They permeate the very beat of our hearts, influence the rhythm of our souls and affect the ideas behind our thoughts. They are profoundly genuine, suddenly intimidating yet more often than not, piercing with raw truth. 

Truth that is designed to teach us something new about who we are, where we are heading and why we are here, at this specific place and at this specific time in our lives. It’s a discovery of potential great magnitude, withholding nothing but what we allow to be withheld. 

Yes, it is only us that tend to hinder the opportunity to learn a new thing, a life changing thing meant to help us, guide us and in many cases affirm deep seated questions we have held onto for months or years. 

It is during these explosive moments and unplanned disruptive upheavals where we learn who we are, who and what defines us and what we authentically believe at our core. So many proclaim “a thing” believe in “a thing” and swear by this “thing” until life hits them in a way that strips away all logic, book knowledge and passed down family  traditions. 

It is like the warmed innocent soul who is introduced to a cold and callous death. There is no time for niceties, explanations or warnings. You get straight to it and feel it’s wrath, ready or not.  Discovering in the moment like a flash, disappointment, betrayal and what raw pain really feels like, how it suddenly unfolds and can impact our today and the rest of our lives. 

So once we pick our faces off the floor, whether weeks, months or even years later, there is still an amazing opportunity to capture something significant. The lesson! The remnants left under the rubble of our broken hearts. The missing pieces (of who we are) that will still cause us to compromise even years later, our very best to an undeserving stranger, claiming to be our friend or love. One whom we allowed to enter the secret places of our souls and wreak havoc until we could no longer breathe. 

These circumstances tend to offer the best lessons, with life changing impacts when we choose to see them, accept them and learn from them. This road is never easy and not for the faint of heart. It will bring out the worst in you before you begin to uncover what is better, yet it is still worth the journey. Many days will feel like darkness and temporary relief will make itself readily available to you, but staying the course and doing the hard work is essential to break what has felt and looked like a curse. 

One day you will see yourself far away from your past. Not because you ran from it, avoided it, denied it or time just went by, but because you faced it, walked through it and chose to learn the lessons that were designed for you. These are the lessons that stay with us, change our lives and take us to the other side of truth.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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