We Are Still Here!

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” – Unknown


If life is like climbing a mountain or embarking on a long journey, when do you take a moment to glance back and see how far you have come?  I know that many experts tell us to never look back and I get the reasons and potential dangers associated with it, but when you can do it and not dwell, have regret or question your current state, it can be a healthy moment of encouragement, reflection and reassurance for your soul.

In some cases, we were not supposed to make it or get this far, but we did, and to the dismay of many naysayers, doubters and haters.  However this post is not to celebrate those doubters, but to celebrate you for never giving up and always believing in yourself and the goals that are/were set before you. 

Even if you have not yet arrived at your ultimate goal and still find yourself struggling along, the fact that you are still persevering with purpose is enough to help you press further and longer.

I have so many examples of why I should not have made this far, it even surprises me at times, however I know that I have a purpose here on earth and many goals I have yet to achieve.  This is enough to fuel my desire and continue to drive me with determination and fervor, even at the worst of times, and as we understand it and continue to live, the hard times do not stop. They actually graduate with us as we grow.  Imagine that.

But whether you realize it or not, as the new challenges come to distract, disrupt and diffuse your effort and momentum, lessons that you carry with you while undergoing the many hardships you have faced and overcame are designed to remind you that you had and have what it takes for what you face today.  It may not feel like it or seem like it, but you do. 

The perspective you carry is the key to your success, because that is what shapes your thoughts and ideas about where you currently are, and more importantly, what you think about where you are.  If your perspective highlights an image of mistakes, regrets and what you should have done, that will ultimately have you second guessing all the work you have done, and doubting any progress you have made thus far.

That said, if you can glance back for a moment and be encouraged, based on how you are living today, you are in a good place.  Now is the not the time to stop, or become arrogant.  Continue to walk in humility and remain open to learning and growth.  Be mindful to share with others and help them avoid the pitfalls you fell into if at all possible.  And most importantly remember, you are here! 


Keep Pressing,

Hank G





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