Starting Over After You Screwed Up Royally

“I’m not giving up, I’m just starting over.” – Unknown 


You were strong, vibrant and life seemed perfectly intact and even predictable to some degree, until it wasn’t.  Then one day it all fell a part, almost out of nowhere.  After you cried in disbelief, and wallowed  in personal misery for a while, eventually you reopened the curtains to your self-inflicted dark life and began to take notes on what the hell happened to you.

Often times accepting what and why things fell a part is harder to take than the occurrence of the actual event itself.  This is true because once we start to examine the real causes of our temporary demise we begin to not only see, but understand how we failed.  And once we are able to ascertain the layers behind the cause we usually cannot point a finger at anyone but our lowly selves.

However, if you have any gumption in you at all, you also fully recognize that this event has also provided you with something new.  A new opportunity to start over, hit the reset button and begin again.  I will always believe that it is never too late to start over, no matter our age or the circumstances.  The ingredients for success lie within each of us.  We just need to be able to pull the lessons out and apply them to where we are today. 

So where are you today?  Have you let go of the past or do you still hold on to it with feelings of guilt or anger?  Have you reconciled with the people involved or is that even possible?  Are you able to face the situation or people involved without angst in your heart?  This is usually a tell-tell sign you have finally released the past. 

None of this simply happens because we want it to, or because it is the right thing to do.  It totally depends on the work we do in the time we have to accomplish it.  If we spend more time complaining about what occurred and seeking excuses versus recognizing and owning our part, we still have not arrived at the promise land and will ultimately find ourselves in the wilderness of life again searching for truth that is actually nearer than we could imagine, but still out of reach.

There is nothing like owning your own poor decisions.  Once we own them, no one can throw it in your face later with any sting.  Our acceptance provides us with an opportunity to grow, learn and heal.  These are like one way tickets to a better future.

So are you ready to go there?  Are you tired of being bogged down by past issues?  Well face them with dignity and courage. Own them and reconcile it.  Get help if needed, but do not allow your past to dictate your future.  There is still much to live for, so go live!


Keep Pressing,

Hank G


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