What if You Had 30 Days to Live: What Would Your Life Say to the World?

“My life is my message” Unknown

First let me say, “I’m not dying, near death or expecting to leave this earth anytime soon.” However, in my time of reflection today, I (morbidly) thought about my time on earth, what I have left, (to accomplish) and making the best of what remains.

I was reminded of an earlier post where I quoted a twenty something Holly Butcher, who said after being diagnosed with a disease that would eventually kill her, “Be ruthless for your own well being.” I can’t even begin to describe the emotions and impact those words had on my life, perspective about life and how I choose to live out my remaining years.

Maybe it’s because I spent so many years of my own life living contrary to her words. Maybe it’s because her words resonated with me so deeply that (in that moment) I couldn’t help but stand to attention to what they truly meant to me, or maybe it’s because I finally get it. Get the fact that life is indeed short, and spending time trying to please others at the expense of my own peace is simply not worth the effort, no matter how noble the idea seemed at some point in my life. .

And I can tell you that I have had some pretty noble ideas. Ones that held honor and at their essence, were full of truth, well-intentioned and ideally virtuous, yet still fell short of something that means more to the human spirit. That is, I (you) matter. Every time and all the time, despite the circumstances occurring in the present moment.

We should never dilute ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams or our passions. They make us who we are. Special and unique, like a flower blooming on the hillside. It offers life, beauty and radiance to whomever sees it.

Your life as it stands today, is no different, except for the fact that it is a life, and not a flower. You speak, have thoughts and can potentially share words that shape and move the world to become a better place, or not.

Why spend time trying to make people happy, that will ultimately find a way to find fault with you? Why spend time changing who you are to make others feel comfortable, at the expense of your peace of mind? Is it worth it? Does it actually make things better, dilute our purposes or weaken the message we are destined to convey?

I don’t claim to have the answers. I just know me and what I’m called to do. If I had 30 days to live, I would love the ones I love, hard. I would speak the truth, (in love) unapologetically. I would except me and others as they are. I would not attempt to change anyone, whether I agreed or disagreed with their lifestyle. I would live every moment with a purpose that unequivocally demonstrates my own. I would clearly stand for something, no matter what, and I would sleep well, not concerned about who cares or doesn’t.

Ultimately, I would be free. Free of the things, ideas and thoughts that easily beset me, and bind me to a lifestyle that attempts to only please others. I (we) are more than that. We have purpose, destiny and a future that someone is expecting us to live as it is designed. Let’s be about that life, whether it’s 30 days or 30 years.

Keep Presing,

Hank G

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