What Inspires You to Do Better?

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” Zoey Sayward 


Most of us can relate to knowing what it looks like to not quit or give up, but willing ourselves to hang in the battle does not necessarily equate to doing better.  One can strive to hang in there and keep pressing along, but what if you have not found a way to not just improve your process or life outlook, but answer the question of what actually inspires you to remain, believe and fight for what you want?  I will tell you what happens.  You will go along for a while on sheer determination, but eventually succumb to your tank being empty, once again.

For a season of my life this was definitely my practice.  I was often so quick to just keep going, that I failed to recognize, understand and assess why I became frustrated in the first place.  This led to quick restarts, but quicker stops because eventually I lost momentum and realized my mind and heart were not aligned with the steps I was currently taking.  And because we seldom know what we don’t know, I remained on this vicious cycle until things came crashing down on me.

Life lessons can be so hard to ascertain, I mean like really get them, to a point where you are making changes that impact how you live, how you think and you fully understanding why.  The why is so important, because that it is where our inspiration lives.  The thing that breathes life when we are down, the thing that speaks yes to our hearts when outside forces are saying no, and the thing that empowers us to continue to believe when we are surrounded by doubt and unbelief.

So I ask again, what inspires you to do better?  Whether you are seeking to become a better parent, a better spouse, a better partner, a better student or a better employee, whatever your situation is we all need to dig deep and find out where our inspiration lives.  Like the wind beneath the wings that causes an eagle to soar through the air, it is essential, invisible, yet powerful.  It will give you life amongst dead things and cause you to walk tall throughout discouragement.

What inspires you to do better?


Keep Pressing,

Hank G 




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