What You Do at the Crossroads of Life

Before you ask yourself which way to go, remember where you’ve been.” Unknown

In my line of work, we’re constantly developing and improving our standard processes to ensure consistentcy across the various aspects of work being performed. It helps new employees adapt faster and gives current employees opportunities to easily identify areas we can make improvements. The concept of coming to the table with a set of rules already established allows for a uniform approach and eliminates wasted time on trying to reinvent wheels that have previously been mastered.

So can this concept apply in life as well? I mean how do we know how we’re going to act or respond to something we weren’t prepared for? Is it even possible to predetermine how we will respond to certain circumstances? Probably so for some circumstances and for others not so much.

I suppose the safe answer is we all have inherent deal breaker moments that will clearly become evident to all parties when that time arises. Like, what happens when your significant other lies to you or cheats on you? For some, the door is the only option, while for others they work through it and attempt to rebuild their relationship.

I’m not a judge of either decision, however they can both be equally tough and emotionally painful. One longtime friend of mine has always said the door is her option, and “When I can no longer trust you, there is nothing left to talk about.” And others I know have chose to endure the pain and rebuild their relationship over time with therapy. I suppose it’s a part of what makes the world go round. We are all gracefully different, and to each their own.

Of course there is obviously more to life than lying and cheating, but these vices tend to be more relatable and also tends to bring out the worse attributes, and equally applicable to all walks of life.

So how do you cope at your personal crossroads, and how do you determine which way to go? As for me, I am totally an over analyzer, deep thinker at a fault kind of guy. I want to weigh every option (I mean all of them too). It can be quite frustrating for me and even more for the others involved. The word “normal” is thrown out the window and I simply go down a path that feels right to me. The journey is filled with curves and turns, but inevitable I get there.

“There” is the place I need to be. It’s my location for peace and thinking clearly. So ultimately while at my crossroad, my figurative car is idle. I’m paused until I see and sense my own internal green light. Only then when will I proceed to continue on my journey.

Crossroads are inevitable and at some point we will all experience one. It will test you at your deepest place and even cause you to question life, but the amount of time you allow yourself to breath, ponder and reflect on what the real issues are, the better off you will be.

Once you choose to proceed, hopefully it will be based on truth, internal peace, clear thought and some good advice. When you have those, outside noise will not affect your decision. At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. Work through it, and give yourself license to not fully know the answers today or tomorrow. The answers will come when they need to and when you’re ready to hear them.

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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