Who Can Lean On You…

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Although my Blog doesn’t officially launch until Monday, I felt compelled to share a thought today.  With all the negative news in the world, specifically about the Michael Brown case, I wanted to offer a perspective that fosters hope and suggest alternative solutions to a tragic epidemic.  Living a life with violence in the community, poverty and fathers missing in action (just to name a few) is not uncommon for a significant part of the world.  I ask, “is there any hope”?  I believe there is and for every negative story there are families, (mothers & fathers, sons & daughters, aunts & uncles, grandfathers & grandmothers, cousins & communities) overcoming tragic obstacles that they face daily.  Today I want to emphasize this and ask you a question.  What are you doing to rebuild Ferguson and the Ferguson’s around you?  Can anyone lean on you, or count on you to come through with hope, love, finances or support of any kind?  Do you see yourself as the catalyst that can make significant impacts in the lives of others?  Can anyone lean on you?  Are you offering hope through educating your children on how to live by the golden rule (treat others as you want to be treated)?  Are you a single father that inspires and takes care of your children?  Can anyone lean on you?  Do you “own it” when you’re wrong and try to make it right by offering what is needed in real-time ?  Can anyone lean on you?  It’s easy to instigate negative emotions in this situation, but my message will be to offer hope in the midst of darkness.  This does not exempt anyone from suffering from injustice, but it does suggests alternative ways on what we do with that energy, like the pictures I chose suggest.  There is a quote in the Bible that says, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”.  I deduce from that, that burning my community down will never make things better, selling drugs to my community does not make things better, perpetuating violence does not make things better, abandoning my children does not make things better, stripping my community of its natural beauty and resources does not make things better. Who can lean on you to do what is better for someone else, not just yourself ?  When we become this person, (this people) we become a part of a greater community that offers good news to the down-trodden, water to the thirsty and hope to the defeated.  Who can lean on you? Do they know they can?  Click on the song and see the pictures below.  

I hope it incites you to do some good for your family, your community, our world!



Hank G

2 thoughts on “Who Can Lean On You…”

  1. Thank you, for the such encouraging, healing & inspiring words!
    Healing is now. Time to be responsible for the seeds we are planting in our world. We can make a difference! Nothing is impossible….

    Pictures are powerful!! They capture the true essence of healing.


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