You Are Beautiful, To Me

“Be Strong, Be Beautiful, Be You” – Unknown

What takes your breath away? Perhaps it’s a starry sky at twilight, a rising sun at dawn or sitting still atop a high mountain peak. Maybe it’s a long drive on a windy road through the forest, witnessing the birth of your first child or watching waves from the ocean pound the shore. 

There could be an endless amount of things that capture your attention, or more importantly, resonate with your soul. Some things just speak to us, like nothing else can and most of us tend to carry a special place for it. It’s like music to our spirits. It radiates, sparkles and shines through every dark place, without asking for permission, while simultaneously bringing calm into our lives.

It’s the simple things, the natural God-created things that need nothing more than to be what they are. A beauty that transcends time just because it does. It needs no make-over, restoration, although it does indeed change over time and remains perfect.

The other day I found myself reflecting on what we commonly consider as beautiful. A gorgeous face or an attractive body, but what about what lies beneath the layers of what we portray, that cannot be seen with eyes only? What about those attributes that defy make-up, perfect pectorals, tight abs or a nice chest? 

How about that crooked smile or obnoxious laugh that is genuine and comes from the heart? What about those people who have a knack for always bringing out the best in us? They see our flaws and probably have reasons to impede us, yet they still have hope and simply consider us as works of art in progress. 

The world could stand to have more people like this. Those that care and give just because there is a need. They seek to improve our ways of life through hard work and dedication. They don’t seek attention, approval or need accolades. Just real folks that care enough to make a difference because it matters to them. 

So next time you find yourself pondering about beautiful things and beautiful people, consider attributes that stand the test of time, personalities that seek to collaborate and unite others, and differences that bring value not division.

Anything truly beautiful, remains that way. It evolves, grows and changes with time, but never loses what it is at its core. 

If you are one of those people, I thank you, we thank you. You are beautiful!

Keep Pressing,

Hank G

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