What is Your Life?

“You are worth finding, worth knowing and worth loving…” – Unknown

Do you ever find yourself feeling like a spec of dust in a great big world? Like who really knows your name, your dreams, what literally keeps you up at night, or who would truly grieve over your death or absence?

I know it all sounds quite morbid, but these thoughts occasionally cross my mind from time to time. They’re random yes, but nonetheless things I think about, especially when I travel alone. On this trip I find myself on the beautiful island of Maui for a six day stint.

Like many of you, I juggle several things in life on a regular basis, so this get away has indeed forced me to be still. Not only did time go backwards literally by two hours, but everything else slowed way down as well. Initially it was suppose to include other people, but I found myself alone, which I was okay with. Probably not my preference, but I looked at it as an opportunity versus something falling through. 

Indeed it was an opportunity. An opportunity to recapture myself, things I have lost or let go, forgotten or simply became too busy to recognize the relevance of anymore.  And yes, I sadly confess this, but it is my truth for today. I feel this trip was a specific moment in time, carved out just for me, like a divine appointment, or something very close to that. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

So with the carving came my planning. This was not just to be another vacation on a beautiful island, where no one knew my name. I wanted it to mean more than just a trip, where I spoke of the warm ocean, iconic sunsets and natural wonders that constantly surrounded me. I wanted to reflect on my life, my marriage, being a father, being a black man (today), and what all that means to me right  now and why. 

That said, each morning after the best sleep I’ve experienced in years, I sat at a table and had quiet time. I journaled about what came to my heart first, prayed about what I dreamt about the night before and reflected on the meaning of my thoughts, and what troubled me at my core. I took long drives along the coastline and had deep reflection as I trekked on the Road to Hana and back.

I met one person in six days that seems significant enough to mention. As I sat a bar at Mama’s Fish House for dinner, I met Dave, who is a California native. We shared stories about family, life and work, but he left me with these indelible words after about a 45 minute conversation. He said, “Henry this may sound weird, but I’m proud of you.” Dave was a retired Graphic artist and about 14 years my senior. He never had children, but spoke of a father, that was very tough and never really understood him or his dreams. Dave wasn’t angry with him, just chalked it up to living in times where that was all his dad knew, and he did the best he could with that he knew and had at the time.

When someone that doesn’t even know you, tells you that they’re proud of you, the words would typically fall to the ground fairly rapidly, but this moment was different. It was indeed my divine appointment manifesting. I thanked Dave and was without delay, grateful. Not just for the words, but where the words came from. The words were not only sincere, but transcended from his own personal experiences and hope unrecognized. That day at the bar it was recognized. 

So what is your life? Although it may seem like you’re only a spec of dust on this planet of 7 billion, not only do you matter, but you matter with great purpose, mindful destiny and a grand future, whether immense or limited to only a few. And whatever it takes, as long as you never stop believing, life will find a way. A way that is significant just to you. 

So as I ended my last night, I walked to the beach to watch the sunset. The picture you see is how I left Maui. Beautiful, peaceful and full of radiant beauty. I’m thankful for my life and the people that God has placed in it. The ones I call family and the ones I don’t even know yet.

Keep Pressingn & Keep Believing,

Hank G

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